Releasing the official new costume of “Is the order a rabbit??” from COSPATIO


We would like to introduce the brand new costume of three of main characters from “Is the order a rabbit??” which are Kokoa(left), Chino(center) and Rize(right).

“Is the order a rabbit??” is the TV animation series starting from October 2015, and COSPATIO is releasing the “Rize” version of the shop uniform of Cafe Rabbit. As both “Kocoa” and “Chino” version will be on sale in December, “Rize” version will be releasing in the late January 2016.


All the materials of the vest, the skirt and even the lace are precisely designed and reproduced from the original design.

The shop uniform of “Cafe Rabbit”
Vest set “Rize” version
includes vest, blouse and ribbon
Price: 29,000 JPY + tax

Skirt “Rize” version
Price: 14,000 JPY + tax
Sizes: Ladies S/ M/ L/ XL


You can pre-order from HERE.

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