LoveLive! School idol festival the National Convention & ThanksGiving this Spring!

As 40,000 fans have attended at Sunshine City last year, The real event Love Live! School idol festival “School Festival National Convention” and “School Festival ThanksGiving 2016” are going to come back this spring!

“School idol festival the National Convention”

Anyone can participate this event and to challenge to this Online Tournament you need to play the special event on iOS and Google Play app “Love Live! School idol festival” during 31st January – 15th February. This simple! All you need is to get a good score!

If you become one of the skillful players you can step up to the next stage to play at the real venues as scheduled in Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. The final game will be carried out on 22nd March at Sunshine City Exhibition Hall B.

“School Festival ThanksGiving 2016”

The final game will be held at Ikebukuro Sunshine City during ThanksGiving with the special exhibition, stage event and of course the limited goods to buy!

Duration: 21st and 22nd May
Venue: Sunshine City Exhibition Hall A-1, B, C, D
* Free Admission

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About Love Live! School idol festival

Love Live! School idol festival is the original Rhythm & Adventure smartphone game from the same title of the cross-media project “Lovelive!” which has achieved the huge success. There are 20 million people have downloaded in total globally.

Love Live! School idol festival Official Site (English):

Ikebukuro Sunshine City (English)

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