Wagajinsei C’est la vie! The new items of famous Osomatsu san for the spring 2016


TV anime “Osomatsu san” is the 80th anniversary project of Fujio Akatsuka 赤塚不二夫 the author of “Osomatsu kun”, and the story is about Osomatsu san and his brothers who have been grown up as adult. This classic Japanese comedy manga bring back the whole new series of good old everyday life with the stronger characters and sense of humor.

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Tsumamare Key Ring 

Cospa releases the new items from “Osomatsu san” for the coming spring 2016. “Tsumamare” is Cospa original key ring and smartphone earphone jack product with certain anime manga game characters.

The choice is yours! おそ松, Osomatsu, カラ松, Karamatsu, チョロ松, Choromatsu, 一松, Ichimatsu, 十四松, Jyushimatsu, トド松, Todomatsu and イヤミ, Iyami are all deformed and they look just look so perfect.

Release Date: May 2016
Size: 5.5 cm × 4.5 cm approximately
Price: 600 JPY + tax each


Card Folders

The cars six brothers are the NEET! There are 2 versions for your business style.

Release Date: April 2016
Size: 9.3×6.1×0.8cm approximately
Price: 1,000 JPY + tax each


Body Wash towel

For everyday use! Body wash towel has been created for your bath time with two designs.

Release Date: Late March 2016
Size: 27×100cm 
Price: 2,200 JPY + tax each

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