Audio reading by Mari Ohara from Love Live! Sunshine!!

Mari Ohara 小原鞠莉 from Love Live! Sunshine!! is a happy and positive member of Aquors who is half Italian American. She never seem to hesitate to mention what’s in her mind and always enjoys with her favorite activities.

Here is an audio reading series on YouTube and you can study her character before the anime is on air in July.


This illustration is created by one of the most important animators for Love Live! series Satomi Tamura 田村里美. The story is by Sakurako Kimino 公野櫻子 the key novel author.

There is another news about the unit of Aquors with Mari “Guilty Kiss” will release  the first single “Strawberry Trapper”. It’s going to be really exciting. This key visual is done by Yuhei Murota 室田雄平 the character designer and the animation director.

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