Tsumamare straps from Girls und Panzer. Panzer Vor!!

Girls und Panzer ガールズ&パンツァー, the TV animation series broadcasted in 2012, has made the huge success in Japanese animation history.

It started with the original TV animation, the movie with 1.35 million 5,313 audience in total (at the end of August 2016) and Girls und Panzer the last episodes has been announced during the live event on the 28th August.

Now let’s check the original new items from Cospa, and they are the Tsumamare strap series of Girls und Panzer stars. They are so cute!!

つままれst_西住みほs つままれst_武部沙織s つままれst_冷泉麻子s つままれst_五十鈴華s つままれst_秋山優花里s つままれst_西住まほs つままれst_ケイs つままれst_ダージリンs つままれst_角谷杏s つままれst_カチューシャ&ノンナs














Girls und Panzer Tsumamare Straps

Release date: November 2016
Price: 600JPY+tax

There are more to check on the website!!


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