[Comiket 92] TOKYO POP GUIDE MINI distributed at IOEA booth!

TOKYO POP GUIDE MINI has been distributed for free at International Otaku Expo Association (IOEA) space in the atrium on the ground floor of Tokyo Big Sight during Comic Market 92(11th-13th August 2016).

JMAGクリエイターズ協会が編集・デザインし、国際オタクイベント協会(IOEA)が発行する『TOKYO POP GUIDE MINI』が、東京ビックサイトで開催されたコミックマーケット92(2017年8月11日~13日)にて無料配布されました。

TPG MINI has been given away to anyone who visited their booth with IOEA leaflet nicely set on the tables.

TPG MINIはIOEAブースにてIOEAのパンフレットとセットで無料配布を致しました。

Also they have finally released the official Otaku Event Catalogue 2017 and displayed for the first time.


The 2017 edition includes 88 events held in 36 countries and regions around the world including China, the United States, Brazil, Jordan, Belarus. In addition to the date and time of the event, the size and details, the contact information and message of the organization are also listed.






Lastly, IOEA will join SMASH! Sydney. Staff from JMAG will also participate and we will distribute TOKYO POP GUIDE series at this time.

最後に告知です。IOEAは、SMASH! Sydneyに参加します。今回はJMAGからもスタッフが参加しTOKYO POP GUIDE Seriesを頒布します。

それでは、次のコミケにてまたお会いしましょう!See you at next Comiket!

So where is the next destination? Let’s wait and see!

What is TPG MINI?

TPG MINI is the flyer size of TOKYO POP GUIDE, and it will be distributed for visitors in 36 countries and regions in the world of OTAKU event that are the members of IOEA.

We aim to increase reach ability to animation fans all over the world and to further develop inbound demand. In the future, we deliver a wide range of valuable information from gravure of casts to travel knowledge for almost 20 million fans who come to Otaku convention events.