The collaborated product with Toukenranbu -ONLINE-, the limited edition of FRIXION will be available in April

Toukenranbu -ONLINE- 刀剣乱舞 -ONLINE-, Japanese browser strategic game created by DMM games and Nitroplus launched in January 2015. This is the collaborated product between the famous Japanese game characters from Toukenranbu -ONLINE- and the innovative erasable ink pen FRIXON.

The Characteristic of Toukenranbu -ONLINE- is the variety of Personified Katana swords which are formed into Touken Danshi. The motif of Touken Danshi is based on the real cultural properties from Japanese history.

There are 12 designs by each characters with both black and red ink. They are 燭台切光忠, Syokudaikirimitsutada, 同田貫正国, Doudanukimasakuni, 加州清光, Kasyukiyomitsu, 明石国行, Akashikuniyuki, 小夜左文字, Sayosamonji, 三日月宗近, Mikazukimunechika, にっかり青江, NikariAoe, 石切丸, Ishikirimaru, 浦島虎徹, Urashimakotetsu, 宗三左文字, Souzasamonji, 江雪左文字, Kousetsusamonji and へし切長谷部, Heshikirihasebi.


The 12 sets of Toukenranbu FRIXON pens will be released in April and for your reservation visit Premium Bandai.

* This product can only be delivered in Japan.

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