Live Viewing! LoveLive! Fan Meeting in Taipei on 19th March at cinemas in Japan

The combination of live concert event and the live viewing at cinema is getting quite popular to experience the feel and meet your idols. Because to get the ticket for the live event you need to win the competition and the lottery, and it is rather smarter to buy a ticket for live viewing at cinema.

μ’s from Love Live must be one of the most difficult event tickets to get as they are huge in Japan, besides they are already making the big reputation world wide. This Taipei event is not the exception and the ticket must be the higest rate as the fan meeting of μ’s is so rare.

This live viewing is held in Taipei on the 19th March featuring Emi Nitta 新田恵海 as Honoka Kosaka 高坂穂乃果, Aya Uchida 内田彩 as Kotori Minami 南ことり, Riho Iida 飯田里穂 as Rin Hoshizora 星空凛, Pile as Maki Nishikino 西木野真姫 and Aina Kusuda 楠田亜衣奈 as Nozomi Tojo 東條希.


You can get more information about detail and which cinema to go to and meet your community.

You can preorder the seat until 29th February. Hurry!

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