7 special updates for the 3rd anniversary of LoveLive! School idol festival

As the 3rd anniversary of LoveLive! School idol festival since the first launch date which is 15th April 2013, there are 7 special updates will be carried out.


1st update: All the users will receive 1 Loveca stone for 7 days from 16th April.

2nd update: Event “Challenge Festival” will be carried out from 5th March. This is the from one to another event and you can choose to stop or step up to earn more reward on the higher level.

3rd update: “Schoo Idol stater set” will be available for 360 JPY which includes 5 Loveca stones, SR card exchangeable ticket and 3 Alpaca cards. Remember you are allowed to buy this set only once.

4th update: The new Rare card design of A-RISE, Kira Tsubasa 綺羅 ツバサ, Yuuki Anju 優木あんじゅ and Toudou Erina 統堂英玲奈 will be added on the sticker store.


5th update: 10 new songs will be added!!

  1. ぷわぷわーお!
  3. Dreamin’ Go! Go!!
  4. MUSEUMでどうしたい?
  5. 最低で最高のParadiso
  6. 乙姫心で恋宮殿
  7. Silent tonight
  8. CheerDay CheerGirl!
  9. 同じ星が見たい
  10. これから

6th update: The 3rd official illustration art book will be available in April.


The last update: Some special version ups!

Now how would you recommend yourself about the new fantastic issues of LoveLive! School idol festival? Get on the app and play on!

About Love Live! School idol festival

Love Live! School idol festival is the original Rhythm & Adventure smartphone game from the same title of the cross-media project “Lovelive!” which has achieved the huge success. There are 20 million people have downloaded in total globally.

Love Live! School idol festival Official Site (English): http://www.school-fes.klabgames.net
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lovelive_SIF
iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id626776655
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=klb.android.lovelive

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