Grand Bleu Fantasy, the 5th collaboration project with Idol Master Cinderella Girls

Grand Bleu Fantasy, achieved over 9 million downloads, is going to start the collaborated episodes with Idol Master Cinderella Girls “シンデレラファンタジー ~少女たちの夢の続き~” from 19:00 today.

“The Cinderella Fantasy” takes a few characters into the world of Grand Bleu Fantasy, and you have to help them because they are lost in the middle of nowhere. There are the certain tasks to complete along the stories in order to welcome everyone for your party, and this time it features Sachiko Koshimizu/ CV: Ayana TAkedate 輿水幸子(CV:竹達彩奈)and Airi Tokatsu CV: Hitomi Harada 十時愛梨(CV:原田ひとみ).


Sachiko Koshimizu CV: Ayana TAkedate 輿水幸子(CV:竹達彩奈)


Airi Tokatsu CV: Hitomi Harada 十時愛梨(CV:原田ひとみ)sub3

Mio Honda CV: Sayuri Hara 本田未央(CV:原紗友里)


Uzuki Shimamura CV: Ayaka Ohashi 島村卯月(CV:大橋彩香)


Rin Shibuya CV: Ayaka Fukuhara 渋谷凛(CV:福原綾香)

And of course our “New Generations” will be back to support your trip! The event is limited and you need to launch the app at 19:00 today! If you have not downloaded yet? Just click below.

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