Mahoutsukai Precure! on Blu-ray&DVD and Precure All Stars Movie on cinema


Precure is the series of super heroine who fight against the darkest enemies which are cursed to deny and destroy the love of the world.

The series started since 2004 with “PRETTY CURE 二人はプリキュア” and “Mahoutsukai Precure! 魔法つかいプリキュア!” is the first ever magical girls to become Precure. The word of Precure means PRETTY & CURE and is targeted for children especially primary school girls.

Mahoutsukai Precure! started from February and the new “Precure All Stars Movie” is coming up!


To know more about the releasing dates of Blu-ray&DVD visit HERE.

Also check the Precure All Stars Movie on cinema from 19th March!