Koutetsujou no Kabaneri on air from 7th April

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri 甲鉄城のカバネリ is the original TV animation title produced by NOITAMINA that also created Boku dake ga Inai Machi, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata, Psycho-Pass and many more.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri is directed by Araki Tetsurou 荒木哲郎 and created by WIT STUDIO which are the team of Attack on Titan the Movie.

The concept characters are all designed by Haruhiko Mikimoto 美樹本晴彦who is the veteran of animation industry and created many characters such as Macross, Megazone 23 and Top wo Nerae! and you can notice that these animated characters are very much like his work.

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As you can watch the trailer the world seems very Japanese historically but conceptually original with the source of all the mechanics and monsters. The world looks intensively cruel with all the monsters appear and people cannot defeat them easily but there is a hope with the steam!