Rewrite the new TV animation series produced by Key will be on air from 2nd July

Rewrite” is the original TV animation series based on PC game with same title in 2011, and this is a massive project for all the Key fans!


Besides, the 1st episode is extended to 1 hour specially, and it sure will make you addicted for summer.. Cannot sleep again with tears…



Original work: Key
Director: Tensho 天衝
Consept charactor: Itaru Hinoue 樋上いたる
Character Design: Masayuki Nonaka 野中正幸
Sounds: Visial Arts ビジュアルアーツ
Animation: 8bit エイトビット


天王寺瑚太朗:Masakazu Morita 森田成一 / 神戸小鳥:Chiwa Saito 斎藤千和 / 鳳ちはや:Saya Shinomiya 篠宮沙弥 / 千里朱音:Eri Kitamura 喜多村英梨 / 中津静流:Keiko Suzuki すずきけいこ / 此花ルチア:Risa Asaki 朝樹りさ / 篝:Kana Hanazawa 花澤香菜