The updates for Love Live! School Idol Festival

Aqours appear on LoveLive! School idol festival officially for the first time. As the TV series of Lovelive! Sunshine!! has started in July this must be the biggest major version change of this year. We will surely get lots of seasonal events!! Exciting!


There are several updates

  1. Aqours appears officially with voices!
  2. You change μ’s and Aqours on your title, dashboard and music.
  3. The new rare card called SSR which is between SR and UR has appeared.

sub6and many more changes..!

The most exciting change is that every songs have got the EXPART level which we all long for. This means that we have EASY/NORMAL/HARD and EXPERT! There will be even higher level called MASTER will be launched.


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Also we must say Congratulations! on the No.1 sales on the TOP SALES on app store.

About Love Live! School idol festival

Love Live! School idol festival is the original Rhythm & Adventure smartphone game from the same title of the cross-media project “Lovelive!” which has achieved the huge success. There are 20 million people have downloaded in total globally.

Love Live! School idol festival Official Site (English):

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