[Comiket 90] Tokyo Pop Guide No.2 will be distributed for free at IOEA booth

JMAG is proudly announcing that Tokyo Pop Guide NO.2 will be distributed for free at the booth of International Otaku Expo Association(IOEA/国際オタクイベント協会) this summer comiket 90(12-14th Aug).

コミックマーケット90(8月12日~14日開催)に際し、JMAGクリエイターズ協会では、『Tokyo Pop Guide No. 2』を国際オタクイベント協会(IOEA)に委託して無料配布します。部数は1,500冊、欲しい方は是非、IOEAブースにお立ち寄り下さい♫


If you want to get your copy, you better come early and drop by at IOEA official booth in the West Hall 2, and so don’t miss it!

To know more about Tokyo Big Sight and how to get there in English. [URL]


IOEA is the global organization launched in 2015 for networking the global Otaku events.

About IOEA http://ioea.info/