The winter uniforms of Love Live! Sunshine!! supervised by the official

Love Live! Sunshine!! Ura no Hoshi Jogakuin uniform for winter is produced by Cospatio supervised officially.


Ribbons and Scarf look marvelous right? It is great to see the 3rd year scarf is different from the others.


Love Live! Sunshine!! Ura no Hoshi Jogakuin winter uniform released in January 2017. They are all maid in Japan.

  • Jacket
    Price: 23,000+TAX
  • Skirt
    Price: 12,000+TAX
    Sizes: Ladies S/M/L/XL/XXL
  • Ribbon 1st and 2nd year ver.
    Price: 3,000+TAX
    Size: Free
  • Scarf 3rd year inclding the school pin
    Price: 4,800+TAX
    Sizes: Ladies S/M/L/XL/XXL

* Sample will be displayed at Copatio Akihabara
2016 October 14 (Friday) to October 31 (Monday)

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