#C89 DeNA Hacka Doll × Mobage collaboration project at Comiket

Hacka Doll is a news curation app to search for information about Manga Anime Games and the related contents for iOS and Google Play. The anime “Hacka Doll THE ANIMATION” has been screened on TV from October 2015 as part of “ULTRA SUPER ANIME TIME“.

DeNA Co.,Ltd. is participating Comiket 89 for the promotion of Hacka Doll and the mobile game platform Mobage. There are original shoppers for free, and you can purchase various goods such as pillow cases of “Hacka Doll” 1st, 2nd and 3rd which are beautifully illustrated, 3D posters, calendars and more.

If you buy the special set surprisingly the voice actresses of Hacka Doll will directly deliver for you at the booth(this might not be carried out and it all depends on the schedule).

Also there are limited booklets of “Dengeki Hacka Doll × Mobage” for free only if you come near by the booth. This includes the poster of Shibuya Rin from “THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS”.


DeNA Hacka Doll × Mobage collaboration project at Comiket 89

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