Hey! Calorie Queen the 8th single of Ayana Taketatsu on Oricon chart on 28th January

Ayana Taketatsu 竹達彩奈, one of the most famous Japanese voice actresses sings the new anime theme song “Dagashi Kashi だがしかし” and “Hey! Calorie Queen” scores No. 18 single on Oricon chart on the 28th January.

The music video of “Hey! Calorie Queen Hey!カロリーQueen” is directed by Toshitaka Shinoda 篠田利隆, the film director from Amanaijigen, and it’s beautifully created as 2.5 dimensional.

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This MV is combined with CG and the real objects with certain functions like these fluorescent lamps and the lighting cloud objects are all installed precisely as real stage set. The installation work is directed by Kiyoyuki Amano 天野清之, the engineer and creative director of KAYAC Inc.


And of course you should check the brilliant voice and the performance of Ayana Taketatsu!

Hey! Calorie Queen is available as limited and normal edition, and the limited edition includes DVD which contains the full version of above music video.

Now you should go and visit the nearest store to get your copy before they are all gone out.

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