The collaboration cafe with Osomatsu san at Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No.3 opened 27th January

The conceptual anime collaboration cafe Animate Cafe has opened “Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No.3” on the 27th January with the popular animation title “Osomatsu san おそ松さん” held until the 14th February.

TV anime “Osomatsu san” is the 80th anniversary project of Fujio Akatsuka 赤塚不二夫 the author of “Osomatsu kun”, and the story is about Osomatsu and his brothers who have grown up as adult.

The cafe is located on the 3rd floor of the next building of Animate Ikebukuro Flagship Store. We have been invited for the opening reception and here is what we saw!


Jyushimatsu is welcoming at the entrance.




The cafe is conceptually decorated, in other words, surrounded fully by the 6 naughty young boys, and the room is designed with the country style of wooden chairs and tables. They looked actually cozy.

P1020061 P1020062

But the tables are hijacked though! You cannot keep away from the boys.

IMG_2030 IMG_2036-2

The most enjoyable event of such anime collaboration cafe is definitely the collaborated drink and food menu. They look gorgeous!


From the left hand side: Karamatsu Girl ni sosogu soda(500JPY), Jyushimatsu no hustle hustle drink(500JPY), Choromatsu no Cyalume macha(500JPY) and Matsuchino(500JPY). * The price is included tax.


Doyatte Waketandayo Kono Imagawayaki(1,000JPY)


The 12 different original coasters come with one order from the menu randomly, and you get one card per one food or drink.


They are colorful, entertaining and delicious of course.


Animate Cafe is not just for enjoying the atmosphere, and for the first time the cafe collaborates with Nazomate, the realtime riddle style game based on anime titles in the real space. It’s named “Osomatsu san × Nazomate, flag Corporation employment examination”!


There is a security guard who looks suspicious and stands in front of this door all the time. The door said that the secret entrance where you can find Osomatsu and his brothers somehow.


This is the part of the game! If you solve all the mysteries and give the correct answers to the security guard, she opens the door to let you in, and you get one of “The letters of Thanks” from the Flag Cooperation. We could not see what’s inside but you should go and check.


The members of Flag Cooperation are waiting for your visit!

The collaboration cafe with Osomatsu san at Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No.3

Duration: 27th January ~ 14th Feburary

* We must remind you that all the tables have to reserved on web site before you visit!

To reserve your table visit