Wiz and Catra Shirokuro Cafe and Gallery! at SweetsParadise Shibuya and Gallery X


SweetsParadise is the buffet style cafe restaurant, and if you like eating lots of different cakes and puddings reasonably it’s probably the right place to go to in Tokyo. They also collaborate food and drink menu with Japanese Manga Anime Game providers and makers with quality, and the smartphone game maker COLOPL has opened the collaboration cafe from 29th January till 30th March at SweetsParadise Shibuya.

COLOPL, produced both “The World of Mystic Wiz” クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ (78 million downloaded as officially announced 2015.10.3) and “White Cat Project” 白猫プロジェクト (36 million downloaded as officially announced 2016.1.25), opened the collaboration cafe with SweetParadise and also exhibited the artworks at PARCO Gallery X until 15th February as “Wiz and Catra Shirokuro Cafe and Gallery ウィズキャトの白黒カフェ!”.


PARCO Gallery X is in the basement level in PARCO 1, and there are illustration art framed and exhibited on the wall beautifully.


These two large illustration works are Arietta from The World of Mystic Wiz(left) and Charlotte from White Cat Project(right).


The autographs of the voice actors and actresses of the characters. Also you can hear the theme song of Whit Cat Project titled Stand Up! by Yui Horie 堀江由衣 in the gallery as she rolls the voice of Catra the leading character of White Cat Project.


The mosaic art created in the previous project “Minnade Tsukuro! Shironeko Mosaic Art” and this is the first time to see it this close!

We have been introduced two sets of illustration postcards as stated below. They are really collectible and are pre-sold at the gallery.


魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ POSTCARD BOOK
仕様:120×162mm ポストカード16枚


仕様:120×162mm ポストカード16枚



There are lots of goods and gacha vending machines! We have noticed that there’s an original photo booth(purikura) as well.


PARCO Gallery X and SweetsParadise are located in the different buildings as the gallery is in PARCO 1 and SweetsParadise is on the 3rd floor in PARCO 3. Let’s check what’s like inside.



We noticed that the cafe is beautifully covered by the artworks of both The World of Mystic Wiz and White Cat Project. The cafe is divided in a few areas except normal seats and some seems to be suitable for..

P1020299 P1020300

boys (Harlem seats with sexy angels)



and for ladies  (Maou seats with handsome devils).



Wiz and the case full of sweets. They look yummy! And some example of the collaborated food and drink menu. * All the price are included tax.


Wiz and Catra’s Shirokuro Pancake(900JPY)


Osyamana Shironeko Catra no Catolate(700JPY)


Rin toshita Green-tea(700JPY)

One special coaster will be distributed one per one drink randomly when you order Otegoro set or Yokubari set. One special sticker will be distributed when you order Otegoro set and 2 stickers are yours when you order Yokubari set!


The special coasters

sticker1 sticker2 sticker3 sticker4The special stickers

P1020310 P1020334

“Kabedon” is the way of expressing from both man and woman proposes love to another in Manga style, and you can actually experience that, too. That photos are demonstrated by Mercurio and Yuca.


Chisato Koizumi 古泉千里(こいずみちさと)and Hirayama San(平山サン)as Yuca and Mercurio will visit the cafe in the certain schedule. You should check which date and time they are at SweePara!


ウガピヨ, the project manager of The World of Mystic Wiz (On the left edge ) and 浅井P, the producer of both The World of Mystic Wiz and the White Cat Project.

There are more than what we saw for your experience if you are big fan of both games, and if this makes you curious about this event and the games download and play now.

For more information visit http://colopl.co.jp/shirokuro_cafe_gallery/

The information about the Gallery

Venue: Shibuya PARCO 1 Gallery X
Address: Udagawatyou 14-5, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan (See the map)
Open time: 10:00-21:00
Duration: 29 January ~ 15 February(3 February would be closed)

The information about the cafe

Venue: Shibuya PARCO 3 SweetsParadise Shibuya
Address: Udagawatyou 14-5, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan (See the map)
Open time: 10:00-21:00(the last order would be at 20:00)
Duration: 29 January ~ 30 March(3 February would be closed)

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