TRIGGER’s new animation series Space Patrol Ruruko will be on air in April 2016

Hiroyuki Imashi, the director and animator of TRIGGER Inc. has created the new TV animation series “Space Patrol Ruruko スペースパトロールルル子 tagging with Akira Amamiya 雨宮哲 the deputy director of KILL la KILL キルラキルThis is going to be on TOKYO MX, BS11, AT-XCrunchyroll, billbill動画 and other platforms from April 1st.


Space Patrol Ruruko is a galactic romance with middle school human student Ruruko and a mysterious ikemen ailian AΩ・ノヴァ, living in the Gingashiteiuchuimintoku 銀河指定宇宙移民特区 OGIKUBO.


Ruruko (CV:M・A・O)


AΩ・ノヴァ (CV:榎木淳弥)


Midori (CV:新谷真弓)

Space Patrol Ruruko will be the part of ULTRA SUPER ANIME TIME PICTURES by ULTRA SUPER PICTURES.

There will be more information to follow from the official site. Enjoy!