The customizable pen ×i+ collaborated with LoveLive!


×i+” is the customizable pen with 3 different sizes of ballpoint pen and 1 style of mechanical pencil in many different colors, and you can also change the pen top with your favorite earphone jack.

Now here is the new ×i+ collaborated with μ’s from LoveLive! and there are of course 9 designs will be on sale from 13th February. You certainly want to collect them all and get the chance to apply for some limited items by purchasing either normal or LoveLive! version of ×i+ and refills.


  • 5 lucky fans can win the set of accessories by purchasing 1 body and 5 refills


  • 10 lucky fans can win 1 accessory from μ’s by purchasing 1 body


  • 100 lucky fans can win 1 clear folder from μ’s by purchasing 1 body

They look really great, and I think I will buy Eri, Umi and Hanayo version!

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