Hai Furi the new anime series from Comic Alive starting in April 2016


“Hai Furi はいふり” based on the comic series from Comic Alive become the new TV animation for the coming spring. All the characters are designed by ato あっと Manga artist of Non Non Biyori のんのんびより.

The world of “Hai Furi” is where Japan has been flooded in the ocean by the displacement of the plate, and the government has rebuilt the marine city. After all Japan becomes a bunch of the marines cities and it requires security between the districts..

The story is about high school girls who go to marine school in Yokosuka.

Here, the 1st commercial clip has arrived and see how exciting it will be!


The character song “Watashitachinokinenbi” will be available on 6th April. For more information check on http://www.hai-furi.com/charasong/.


OP song “High Free Spirits” will be sang by the new trio unit “TrySail” and the members are Momo Asakura 麻倉もも, Sora Amamiya 雨宮天 and Shiina Natsukawa 夏川椎菜.

And nice valentine drawing from the comic author! Kanari Abe 阿部かなり!

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