Attack on Titan goes to Shinjuku, the campaign of the new software on Playstation 4

Attack on Titan 進撃の巨人, known world wide is now launching the new game software on Playstation 4 “The game Attack on Titan ゲーム進撃の巨人” on 18th February.


For the celebration of the launching schedule there is an interacting event at Shinjuku station with a long large poster(12m × 2.4m) with 50 illustrations of all the titans. To participate this event Wall Shinjuku Recapture ウォール・新宿奪還作戦, all you need to do is to follow the map and scratch on the poster to find QR code to get the original wallpapers of Eren エレン Mikasa ミカサ and Levi リヴァイ for your smart phone. 


If you are in Tokyo this week you should check this Wall Shinjuku and see the frightening titans and collect below wallpapers!

sub7 sub8 sub9

Project Wall of Shinjuku ウォール・新宿奪還作戦 special site

To know more about the game visit (Japanese only)

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