The new single from ClariS “Hira Hira Hirara” featuring illustrator Otohiko Takano

ClariS, known as the famous anisong singer trio featuring Clara クララ and Karen カレン, has released the new single “Hira Hira Hirara ひらひら ひらら“, and the music video is so cool.

The artwork is by Otohiko Takano 高野音彦 and the music video is about how Takano has been painting the new portrait of the trio with theme of the coming spring. MV starts from the rough design and shows all the details including where it takes the illustration sources from. This really looks like live painting.

ClariS, the mysterious singer trio who appear as illustrated characters designed by the top illustration creators and it is impossible to see how they sing with seeing their faces but through this music video you can feel the beautiful sound in unison.

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