Odayakajyanai!? Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! launching in May 2016

Data Carddass Aikatsu Stars! データカードダス アイカツスターズ!, the new season comes with the new everything as TV animation Aikatsu Stars! アイカツスターズ!started from this April 2016. Data Carddass Aikatsu is the collective card game for arcade from Bandai, and you can own and use character and coordinate cards for each plays. Better you play, you gain more scores and all the cards can help you to get more scores to be one of the top idols.


The most interesting feature is that your playing MV can be uploaded straight from the arcade game on YouTube via Aikatsu TV アイカツ!TV. If you are a long term aikatsu player you should try your best score on live.


There are 4 categories of the competition and you get trained at “Hana no Utagumi” for singing, “Tori no Gekigumi” for performing, “Kaze no Maigumi” for dancing and “Tsuki no Utsukushigumi” for modeling to be the top idol called “S4”.


Another useful information is that you can use all of the cards you got previously for this game! Get prepared with your Hoshimiya Semapai!