ARM SKIRT, by the same creator of zettai ryouiki support device Hikaru Skirt

The Hikaru Skirt 光るスカート is a wearable device for lighting up the thighs among the skirt so-called “Zettai Ryouiki “, and collaborated with Moso Calibration 妄想キャリブレーション for their 7th single “魔法のジュース“. The mixture of the j-pop idol group and the Hikaru Skirt were perfectly collaborated in Akihabara, and become a big news globally.

Here is the new project just released on web called “ARM SKIRT” by the same creator, Kiyoyuki Amano 天野清之 designer from KAYAC Inc. カヤック.

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It is definitely fascinating and very Japanese futuristic gadget come out from Anime. for more information please wait for the update!