[Comiket 91] The new goods from “Idol Master Cinderella Girls” at Cospa booth!

For every Producer san! Thank you for waiting! From the “Nijigen Cospa” brand, tons of “Idol Master Cinderella Girls” apparel goods will be appeared soon like Takagaki Kaede 高垣楓, Abe Nana 安部菜々, Sakuma Mayu 佐久間まゆ form 346 Production’s new goods. In addition, idols of the Cinderella Project such as Rin Shibuya 渋谷凛.


Full-Graphic T-shirt
Release date: Scheduled in early March 2017
Size: S / M / L / XL
Color: WHITE
Price: 6,000 yen + tax


Full Color Parka
Release date: scheduled in mid-March 2017
Size: M / L / XL
Color: BLACK
Price: 8,500 yen + Tax


Release date: Scheduled in early March 2017
Size: 84 × 59 / polyester suede
Price: 3,800 yen + tax


Desk clock
Release date: Scheduled in early March 2017
Size: 10 × 10 cm / made of stainless steel
Price: 2,500 yen + Tax

During “Comic Market 91” held on Thursday, December 29th – Saturday, 31st December 2016, Prior sale will be open at COSPA booth (No.3251). Don’t miss it!

For more “Comic Market 91” Special Page http://nijigencospa.com/special/comiket/

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For any inqury please call to below numbers 10:00-17:00 (Japanese only).

COSPA Logistic Center
Call: 03-5358-1300 (10:00~17:00)
URL: http://nijigencospa.com

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