Idol Master Cinderella Girls “Hojo Karen” will be 3D in black costume and dressing stall of unit “Triad Primus”

In the official Bandai official shopping site “Premium Bandai”, as the second figure of animation “Idol Master Cinderella Girls” members, from the collaboration brand “Megahouse and Alter” collaboration brand “Alpha Omega” series, “Triad Primus Alfa Omega Idol Master Cinderella Girls Hojo Kelantri 北条加蓮 Triad Primus Ver. ” is converted into 3D.

Product overview

Alpha Omega Idolmaster Cinderella Girls
Hojo Keren Triad Primus Ver.
· Price: 13,392 yen (including tax / shipping fee) (fee separately)
· Set contents: painted finished figure figure, dedicated pedestal
· Original type: Noboru Meizagawa
· Coloring: Stamina Emi
· Product size: Overall height about 210 mm
· Reservation period: December 9, 2016 (Friday) 16 o’clock – end as soon as the number of preparations is reached
· Product delivery: scheduled for late July 2017
· Manufacturer: Alter
· Publisher: Megahouse Corporation
She is so beautiful, right? You should check on the makers site to know more about this figure.
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