Magic of Stella, the collaboration cafe at CURE MAID CAFE

The collaboration cafe with TV anime “Magic of Stella” ステラのまほう at Cure Maid Cafe is held until December 18 (Sun) 2016!

CURE MAID CAFE is the anime holy grail and the maid café pioneer. You can enjoy authentic tea at this orthodox maid café, which often becomes a collaboration cafe with popular anime titles. It was accredited as “a café that serves delicious tea” by Japan Tea Association.

We have visited the collaboration cafe comic based anime title “Magic of Stella” which is on TV now!

There are so many official screenshots from anime covered on walls, and you might want to look around before you take seat.

The special Chirashi Sushi” “珠輝のお母さん特製ちらし寿司” ¥ 1,000 + tax (Drink Set ¥ 1,200 + tax)

In addition to the main dishes and desserts that appeared even in episodes such as “The special Chirashi Sushi” “珠輝お母さん特製ちらし寿司”, and “Beko Candy parfait made by Tamaki’s grand mother” “珠輝おばあちゃんが作ったべっこうあめパフェ”, there are a lot of collaboration menus that can actually taste the atmosphere of “Magic of Stella”.

Tamaki’s grand mother” “珠輝のおばあちゃんが作ったべっこうあめパフェ” ¥ 600 + tax (Drink Set ¥ 800 + tax)

It is a great parfait that makes a man full with big puddings and tasty ice cream!

  • SNS Bu Salad
    ¥ 800 + tax (Drink Set ¥ 1,000 + tax)
    Official name, S: Sasami/ Chicken breast, N: Meat dumplings & carrots, S: Salad
    A Flag of random patterns also comes with!

Here are the collaboration soft cocktail with baked cookie that’s printed each characters (no alcohol!).
Each ¥ 580 + tax

  • Tamaki Honda 本田 珠輝
    Yabu Kita gree tea × Milk + Whipped + Chocolate Sauce + Print Cookie

  • Shiina Murakami 村上 椎奈
    Calpis × Orange Juice + Whipped + Print Cookie + Strawberry Syrup or Blue Hawaiian Syrup
    ※ Strawberry syrup and Blue Hawaiian syrup are provided randomly.

  • Akane Seki 関 あやめ
    Grenadine syrup × sports drink + whipped + print cookie

  • Kayo Fujikawa 藤川 歌夜
    Grapefruit syrup × soda + whipped + print cookie

  • Yumine Fuda 布田 裕美音
    Caramel syrup × milk × ice coffee + whipped + print cookie

  • Hyakutate Teru 百武 照
    Strawberry syrup × Blue Hawaii syrup × yogurt drink + whipped + almond slice + flower sugar
    ※ The color of flower sugar is provided at random.

[Caution!] To order Hyakutate Teru you need to fulfill one of the conditions.

  1. Original Comic written by くろば・U Sensei
  2.  “Stella’s Magic” Reservation form for Blu-ray or DVD Volume 1 (scheduled for release on December 21, 2016), reservation mail
  3.  Opening Theme ‘God Save The Girls’ CD (First Press Limited Edition, Regular Edition)
  4. Download the ending theme “Yonakazakaru”

  • Usamimi Pancake
    ¥ 700 + tax (Drink Set ¥ 900 + tax)
    That Usamimi hood that Tamaki wore at the indie game market which appeared on episode 6.
    Even pancakes reproduced that cute!

Pre-sale “Stella’s Magic Cap with Magic Lot” Drink

  • Magic of Stella
    Hot drink + ¥ 800 + tax (mug single item price ¥ 1,000 + tax)
    Caffe latte + Star Sugar + Alathan + Black Madler + Ribbon.

★ Limited post card (all five types)

You can receive 1 collaboration menu per order.
※ The type can not be selected.
※ Please note that it will end as soon as it is gone.

As conclusion..

A lot of vegetables and meat are served in SNS Bu salads are plentiful in volume, but dressing is mild. There is strawberry jam between two cakes of the cute little Usamimi pancakes. The drink with whipped cream looks very sweet, but you can drink quite easily. It is a drink that looks brilliant and wants to share it with your friends.

Magic of Stella, the collaboration cafe at CURE MAID CAFE is brilliant and reasonable. It is worth to come back after a while to try some more!

Magic of Stella, the collaboration cafe at CURE MAID CAFE

Duration: December 9, 2016 (Fri) – December 18 (Sun)
Store: Cure Maid Cafe (G-Store · Akiba 6F) [map]

For more information Check on the offcial web site.
TV Anime Magic of Stella official site.

ステラのまほう (c)くろば・U・芳文社/ステラのまほう製作委員会