Co-Editor of Tokyo Pop Guide​ Roman Hürlimann​ has been featured in Swiss newspaper Blick as Otaku evangelist

『Tokyo Pop Guide』コーエディターのラユン氏がスイスのドイツ語新聞『Blick』にオタクカルチャーの伝道師として紹介されています。The Co-Editor of Tokyo Pop Guide​ Roman Hürlimann​ has been featured in Swiss newspaper Blick as Otaku evangelist.




This report is about “living two different lives” – an ordinary office worker in Switzerland and an idol in Japan.

It said: My two lives have begun to appear ever since I started watching Japanese animation, and now I am one of the biggest otaku in Switzerland. My room is full with goods nicely decorated as interior and I even sleep with 2D girls. The expense spending on my hobby and travel to Japan is about 20,000 swiss francs per year. My favorite otaku place is “Akihabara” where it is the center for otaku culture.

It continues: Otaku is the word for nerd/geek in English – people who are very passionate about Manga Anime Games. He is already a popular person in otaku culture as he has 22,500 followers on Twitter. He tweets in Japanese about his unique lifestyle and shares his experiences with the followers. Recently he became a model for a game company. He is not keen on sushi so much but stays in Japan for more than 2 months every year.