Glico collaborates with the smartphone game apps The World of Mystic Wiz and White Cat Project

Glico “Almond Peak” is the classic Japanese crunchy almond snack coated with the solid chocolate, and it’s been a favorite for decades by every ages of Japanese people.

COLOPL is one of the biggest smartphone game companies of Japan created both “The World of Mystic Wiz” クイズRPG 魔法使いと黒猫のウィズ and “White Cat Project” 白猫プロジェクト.


The project No.1: “The Happy Sweets Collaboration”

The two games collaborate with Glico sweet brand “Almond Peak” and “Almond Premio” and they are formed as characters. The event is to go through the original scenario to collect the limited character cards on both The World of Mystic Wiz and White Cat Project during 29th January ~ 18th March.


The special cards (the original Glico character Loveli and Almond Peak & Almond Premio) appear on The World of Mystic Wiz.


The special characters (Almond Peak and Almond Premio) appear on the White Cat Project.

The project No.2: The collaboration package design of Almond Peak will be available from 1st March

1129スイートペア氷++ 1129スイートペア氷++ 1129スイートペア氷++

They are collectible and delicious with the special AR card inside!

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