“Boku no Hero Academia” the new character

From the TV anime “Boku no Hero Academia 3rd season” which starts broadcasting in April 2018, the designs and cast information about the new characters just arrived!

The announcement this time is the release of the 5 characters including the veteran hero team “Pussycats”.

“Boku no Hero Academia” The 5 new characters

The information released this time is five characters including “Pussycats”.

Mandalay with the personality of telepathy which can convey words directly to others’ head as the team’s command tower.

Ragdoll who can search for information and send it to the team to know the enemy’s weakness.

Tiger has the physical function with such soft body.

Pixie-bob with the personality of “soil flow” that manipulates the soil freely.

The relative of Mandalay, a boy Izuku Midoriya and others meet Kota Izumi.

Character design

Cast information is also released!

Cast information is Meiko Kawasaki (Mandalay), Chisa Suganuma (Ragdoll), Shinnosuke Ogami (Tiger), Serina Machiyama (Pixie-bob) and Michiru Yamazaki (Kota Izumi).

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