[Day 1] Summary from “Comiket 93” with special movie!

This article is being provided from Anime and Column site “Anibu”.

“Comic Market 93” being held at Tokyo Big Sight from 29th (Fri) to 31st (Sun) in 2017.

Here is to review the first day of the world’s hottest “comic market” with moving images.

Comic Market 93 [Day 1]

Arrival of the first group at 5AM.

Just before the sun rises up as it’s 1 degree Celsius first passengers who took the earliest train just arrived. It’s only 5 AM.

The first passengers, so-called “Shihatsugumi” arrived at the “Kokusai Tenjijo” on the Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit, also known as Rinkai Line, but it’s 4 hours before Comiket 93 opens.

Toilet standby queue

When I headed to the Tokyo Big Site, the East Exhibition Building, I noticed that a long queue set to a popular circlea called toilet.

Comic markets is where hundreds of thousands of participants gather in three days and it could be dangerous even if just going to the toilet.

10:00 AM Comiket opens

About 20 minutes after opening, the inside of the hall was enveloped by the enthusiasm that I could not feel that it was almost the end of December.

Participants who could not hide joy by holding a book with a smile, or participants who regrettably failed to get new publications.

A hot venue where you can see various “facial expressions”.

Shout of “The most popular anime in next season!”

The next battlefield is “corporate booth”. KADOKAWA and other familiar companies, various companies also exhibited at comic markets.

In the company booth, merchandise sales were conducted, and sales staff were seen in various places. While many companies are selling, I found a booth that boasts a spectacular appearance.

From that booth, this kind of voice came to be heard.

“The most popular anime in next season all over the world!!”

It was not Anime that pretty girls eat Ramen with bliss every week, or the impressive Anime that touches the person’s heart of the world but it’s “Poputepipikku (Pop Team Epic)”!!

It is published from Takeshobo, and despite being extremely popular, I do not forget humility & masochism. I found the same booth. You should go and check to know what you can get!

There are more to deliver from Comiket 93.

In Comic Market 93, some companies hire more than 10 staff members to cover the news, but I was only one from “Anibu”. Although my muscle aches for 2 laps, I would like to deliver the good pictures of the venue along with the video on the 30th and 31st.

ource: Anime information site “Anibu