“Comiket 93” Summary from Cosplay and some opinions

“Comic Market 93” being held at Tokyo Big Sight from 29th (Fri) to 31st (Sun) in 2017.

Popular anime works such as “Love Live!”, “Gakkou Gurashi!” and “Idol Master”, as well as individual cosplayers…!

I gathered articles that posted photos of Cosplayer at Comic Market 93.

Cosplay summary from Comic Market 93

Friday, 29th – Comiket Day 1

Comic Market 93 the first day. Although it was a little warm day, the cosplayer wearing a short skirt said “It is still freezing cold …”.

The inside of the costume is filled with a portable warm pad … (bitter smile)

There was a cosplayer who talked about anti-cold measures when doing cosplay in winter Comiket!

Saturday, 30th – Comiket Day 2

Comic market second day. Although it was a somewhat warmer venue than the first day, the venue is located along the Tokyo bay, so the wind is naturally strong.
It was a cold wind chilled on the sea that attacked the cosplayers’ skin.

The story I heard when I was sitting on a bench and talking with a cosplayer;

When doing a cosplay at the roof garden, lying down on the floor is so cold as my body temperature got down straight away lol

That sounds too bad…

Sunday, 31st – Comiket Day 3

Comic market 93 is finally the last day. When walking to the station towards the venue in the morning of the opening day snow starts falling?
Some anime fans who are saying “White Comiket”.

It was the coldest day as the snow falls, but the cosplayers looked enjoying the cosplay with a smile as if they did not feel cold ( I am sure they did!)

On the last day of Comic Market even though the temperature was 3 degrees. I felt so much passion from the cosplayers!!