Anime『Boku no Hero Academia』Season 3, Episode 4 “My Hero” will be aired!

Screen captures and the story from Season 3, Episode 4 “My Hero” broadcasts on Saturday, April 28th were released.

Episode 4 “My Hero”

While Vanguard Action Squad attacks, Deku who went to help out Kota must confront with the strong enemy Muscular. Deku is overwhelmed by the powerful “personality”, and how will he survive from it!?

Anime『Boku no Hero Academia 』Season 3


“Boku no Hero Academia” is TV anime based on a popular comic with more than 12 million copies issued by Kohei Horikoshi being serialized by Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha).

About 80% of the total population has supernatural power. A boy who attends Yuei High School, aiming to become a professional / Hero who protects people and society from criminals and enemies. This is a Story of growth, fighting and friendship of Izuku Midoriya.

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