Cells at Work! Highlights from all the episodes!

Hataraku Saibou (Cells at Work!) is an anime about the cells working inside the human body. All cleverly stringed together into an action packed, fun story that is sure to keep you hooked. It ran for 13 episodes during the summer of 2018. The anime is adapted from the original manga by Akane Shimizu.

Every episode is packed full of information about the cells in our bodies along with many cool, fun and funny moments. So I’ve picked one from each episode I personally really enjoyed. Beware of spoilers! Really, don’t read these if you don’t want to be spoiled… Here we go!

EP1. Pneumococcus

First favorite part was the part where Red Blood Cell found the Pneumococcus while she was lost and then silently closed the door back, followed by her yelling as she tries to make her escape. Leave it to Hanazawa Kana to make yelling an art. The animation was good but her voice acting made it even funnier. The sneeze rocket is probably the highlight of the episode however, especially more so with the Pneumonia yelling at them while Red and White Blood Cell simply chatted away casually and then proceeded to watch the launch like it’s a show.

EP2. Scrape Wound

After the intensely tense moment where Staphylococcus Aureus was telling White Blood Cell how deep in trouble they were, the sudden change of atmosphere with the appearance of the Platelets and the music changing to a cute and upbeat one was simply hilarious. That followed up by them casually checking off rules and then finishing off their work by cheering and clapping was simply adorable.

EP3. Influenza

The first episode where Macrophage appears in battle! Beautiful! That was the best part for me because she’s my bias but to pick out a highlight other than that, I’d have to say it’s when the Naive T Cell arrives, to the shock of everyone, as Effector T Cell. Simply over the top and also really funny!

EP4. Food Poisoning

When Eosinophil started fighting the parasite and then went on to absolutely own it, both the fight and Eosinophil were really cool and honestly got my blood pumping. But my absolute favorite here was after the fight when all the cells that were looking down on her realized just how important and amazing she actually is and also their own mistake. I’m glad she was finally appreciated.

EP5. Cedar Pollen Allergy

Fat Cell’s appearance and her getting all confused along with her introduction and explanation that even though she is called a Fat Cell it has nothing to do with fats. Then the changing of the nozzle for the histamine to create the great rainfall as feared in the legend. The entire catastrophe and the Memory Cell’s reactions to everything throughout the entire episode is honestly a riot.

EP6. Erythroblasts and Myelocytes

Right at the very start of the episode, when the Red Blood Cell graduate representative got the puff on her hat pulled off was strangely funny to me. Followed by the seemingly casual sorting of our baby Red Blood Cell, these young cells are all simply adorable. Red Blood Cell’s scared and shocked expressions are especially cute. The entire first half of the episode was simply full of cuteness. Not to mention Macrophage as the teacher was added service. Also the first appearance of NK Cell, her revealing that she knew what the Cell in disguise was all along was pretty darn cool.

EP7. Cancer Cells

Ah, the tear jerker episode. This new cell that was introduced sure reminds us of a certain other character whose name begins with a “K” and ends with an “i” and has a similar voice, appearance and even ability. Wonder who that is? Starting from the large cleaver being thrown by Macrophage and her comment following it up with all the backup, things got pretty exciting. But the best part is hands down NK Cell using the laughter to revitalize. Too bad we wouldn’t get to see more of her in action after, but also not a bad thing in another sense.

EP8. The Circulatory System

The episode where our ever kind and supportive White Blood Cell puts his ninja skills to test. Red Blood Cell tries her best and the troubles she runs into and White Blood Cell’s save throughout is both funny and heartwarming at once. White Blood Cell is truly selfless. Red Blood Cell’s accomplishment at the end really brought a tear to the eye, is this how parents feel when watching their child accomplish something?

EP9. Thymocytes

Another flashback backstory but this time of Helper T Cell, Killer T Cell and a bit of Regulatory T Cell! The growth of their relationship and the change based on each other’s advice in the current time was really cute to watch. Dendritic Cell’s slightly sadistic sense of fun is also pretty funny in combination to Helper T and Killer T Cell’s reactions.

EP10. Staphylococcus aureus

While everyone was in the depths of despair, the Monocytes marching in seemed much cooler than usual. Then comes my personal favorite, when they remove their Monocyte outfits and turn back into the glittering, glamorous, kind, yet ridiculously strong and strangely violent Macrophages. Hang on, after they are done with their work and they did the thumbs up in their Macrophage outfits with blood on them and that smile that could rival that of Mother Theresa’s, that might be my actual favorite part of this entire series… Arguably the best episode for people who like Macrophage!

EP11. Heatstroke

The moment when the syringe enters the body and miracle rain falls has got to be the highlight of this episode for me. Followed by the confusion and reaction by the cells, it was burst out laugh worthy.

EP12. Hemorrhagic Shock (Part 1)

If I had to pick a single part I think is most interesting, it would be when White Blood Cell was fighting the germ while explaining as Red Blood Cell was yelling too. Red Blood Cell’s reaction to her new junior’s common sense and knowledge is hilarious throughout the entire episode, though I do feel bad for Red Blood Cell with the junior’s lack of humor at her hilarious mistakes. It is, however, very heartwarming to see Red Blood Cell trying her best and not letting her seemingly excellent junior bring her down (too much).

EP13. Hemorrhagic Shock (Part 2) 

The grand finale. My personal favorite has got to be when the new red blood cells from the blood transfusion came to the rescue all jolly and warm! They literally brought warmth back to the dying world, and our hard working Red Blood Cell. Helping warm all our hearts after the tragic events prior to their arrival. The Tohoku dialect sure adds an additional bit of cute and friendly to the mix!

As Conclusion!

And that’s the end of my personal picks! What are some of your favorites? It was so hard to choose because the entire show is just so full of goodness, every little thing feel like it’s been so well thought out and made with love. With the added benefit of knowledge!

Honestly though, the owner of this body really get into some terrible stuff… And seemingly on an almost daily basis based on the interactions between the cells… After that last episode, we know that these are all cells in that one same body and not different ones because then they would be different characters. Good job to these cells, and those hard at work in our own right now!

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