Fuji TV launches a new anime label specializing in BL

Fuji TV announced that it will be launching “Blue Lynx”, a BL-only anime label that focuses on producing BL feature films. Their first project will be the movie adaptation of a highly popular BL manga, whose details will be announced on their official site (http://bluelynx-label.com) and their official Twitter page (@BLUELYNX) on April 26 at noon JST.

Countdown Illustration

The celebrate the launch of this new label, the Blue Lynx official site is currently hosting a countdown illustration story titled “Gekkou wa Kimi no Sasayaki” (The Moonlight Whispers With Your Voice), a collaboration between the prize-winning novelist Shion Miura and the illustrator Youko Tanji. One new illustration will be uploaded to the Blue Lynx official site every day until the label’s first project reveal on the 26th, forming a series of 4 pictures.

Creator Profiles

Shion Miura

Shion Miura began her writing career in 2000 with the novel A Passing Grade for Those Who Fight, and went on to write a large number of prize-winning works, such as Handymen in Mahoro Town

 (Naoki Prize, 2006), The Great Passage (Japan Booksellers’ Award, 2012), and The Four Women Living in that House (Oda Sakunosuke Prize, 2015). She was also the writer behind the novel Run With The Wind, which was adapted into an anime in 2018.

Youko Tanji

Youko Tanji is an illustrator who produces images for books and magazine. Her main works include the illustrations for the Black Cat series by Akimaro Mori, the Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin, The Line Draws Me by Hiromasa Togami. Her personal exhibition, “Glasses”, will be held in the URESICA gallery in Nishi-Ogikubo from April 25 to May 6.


Official Site: http://bluelynx-label.com

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/bluelynx

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