Total entertainment collaboration resort Akiba Multi Entertainment

We visit Akihabara a lot this week for Tokyo Pop Guide, and this time we have visited the most famous Karaoke cafe in Tokyo Pasela Resorts Akiba Multi Entertainment. The trade mark is defiantly the “honey-toast” which is a loaf of toasted bread with whipped cream and ice-cream on top.

The largest karaoke resort in Japan

P1180287P1180266 P1180402 P1180538P1180418Also they produce the luxurious and comfortable collaboration cafe with such famous game brand Otomate and the music label of voice actors and actresses STAR CHILD. You must see all the decoration on the wall!

You can choose from 1,500,000 songs including a wide range of non-Japanese songs. The exotic interior, word-wide authentic cuisine, and various drinks will bring you an unforgettable experience!

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