[SMASH!@Sydney] TOKYO POP GUIDE MINI distributed at IOEA booth!

TOKYO POP GUIDE MINI has been distributed for free at International Otaku Expo Association (IOEA) space during SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show (19th-20th August 2016).

JMAGクリエイターズ協会が編集・デザイン、国際オタクイベント協会(IOEA)が発行する『TOKYO POP GUIDE MINI』が、オーストラリ/シドニーで開催されたSMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show (19th-20th August 2016)にて無料配布されました。

We have already distributed in Sakura-Con (Seattle / USA), DOUJIMA (Singapore), Anime North (Toronto / Canada), DoKomi (Dusseldorf / Germany), Ani-Com Games Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Otakon (Washington DC / USA) and there is another distination SMASH! (Sydney / Australia).

The venue where SMASH! Was held is Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. It is approximately the center of New South Wales and Sydney area, which is about 1 hour from Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport. Otaku event at such traditional venue?

The venue is close to the station. I was surprised how popular the culture of cosplay internationally.

In the venue, various events such as creator area, corporate booth, and area introducing various cultures of Japan were held.

This is an origami workshop.

A live painting by Kozaki Yusuke who did character design of hit contents such as “Puzzle & Dragons”, “Fire Emblem awakening”, and “Pokemon GO” by “The Japan Foundation” was also held.

And it is TPG MINI distributed from the operation of SMASH! This time!

This is the booth of IOEA as many participants have visited us.

Of course, we sell TPG series and distributed TPG MINI.

As a lot of people were interested, I explained about Tokyo’s otaku culture and overseas convention events other than SMASH! Many of the visitors did not realize that they were otaku so much, and enjoying it as Japanese culture.

Here are the Itasha!

The cosplay stage is the most exciting even if you go to any country event. The preliminary event of the World Cosplay Summit 2017 was held this time, and we have seen the stage with very high quality.

Finally, it was a wonderful thing including an understanding attitude towards Japanese culture by the management team of “Smash!”, And an attuned spatial design that takes into account the comfort of the visitors. I hope they continue distribute TPG MINI in the future.

The location for 2018 has been confirmed! SMASH! 2018 will be held at the Sydney International Convention Centre on the 14 – 15th of July.

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Showさんの投稿 2017年8月19日(土)

By the way, next year’s SMASH! Will be held at ICC Sydney which is newly opened in Darling Harbor. This must be absolutely exciting …! !

So where is the next destination? Let’s wait and see!

What is TPG MINI?

TPG MINI is the flyer size of TOKYO POP GUIDE, and it will be distributed for visitors in 36 countries and regions in the world of OTAKU event that are the members of IOEA.

We aim to increase reach ability to animation fans all over the world and to further develop inbound demand. In the future, we deliver a wide range of valuable information from gravure of casts to travel knowledge for almost 20 million fans who come to Otaku convention events.