Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season began

3 locations of Numazu which have appeared as real life locations after the second week of TV animation “Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season” started broadcasting on TOKYO MX from 7th October. The journey of”Love Live! Sunshine!!” around the sacred place seems to have just begun.

First location is the lounge and the special room called Suruga suite of Awashima Hotel where Ohara Mari lives, this is a guess from the information from everyone who posted on Twitter to the last. I want to visit once ….

The second location is bus terminal at Nagaoka Onsen Station. I passed this place by car when I visited Numazu for the interview last year, and searching for such a casual local landscape as the stage and how it’s being reproduced is the way to enjoy Love Live! Sunshine!!

The third location, I have got to go for shooting by myself but I have added each of Ganjoujuin and the Raikouji on the map. I will write about this later.

Finally, as an external writer on this site “TOKYO POP GUIDE” web version, Sunshine Okina just joined us. We plan to write a wide range of articles from anime reviews to columns relating to pilgrimages and many more.