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As “Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season” has started broadcasting from October 7, what makes “Love Live! Sunshine!!” attractive is the famous masterpieces released as well as the story and characters. This time we would like to select 9 songs from Aqours, CYaRon!, AZALEA, and Guilty Kiss that have been released up until 18th October 2017 (excluding Love Live! Sunshine!! Duo Trio Collection CD VOL.1, and songs recorded on the Season 1 Blu-Ray Vol 1-7 purchase bonus CDs).

Aqours☆HEROES/ Aqours


First of all, the coupling song from Aqours’s debut single “Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?” It is a very powerful song with a strong sense of unity as a group.



The live performed at Saitama MetLife Dome was very exciting! This is the theme song for “Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours 2nd Love Live! HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR” with Matsuura Kanan (CV: Suwa Nanaka) as the center. In commemoration of the single, the Izu-Hakone Railway’s Sunzu Line is currently running with HAPPY PARTY TRAIN wrappings. In addition, the scene of Bungomori Roundhouse in Oita Prefecture Kusu-gun Kusu, which was the stage for the PV dance scene, left deep impressions on many.

Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM/ Aqours

Youtube「Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM」

This is one of the most exciting songs to be performed live. Given the chance, one must visit the PV’s stage of Izu-Mito Sea Paradise, where you can enjoy the story of Aqours centered around Watanabe You (CV: Saitou Shuka), although this PV was set before the TV animation broadcasted. And of course, this song led many people to know the mascot character “Uchichi” for the first time. This song sold 47,000 copies in its first week of release in April 2016, and gained No.3 in the Oricon weekly single ranking in May 2016 even before the anime started broadcasting on TV!

Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!/ Aqours

Youtube「Daisuki dattara Daijoubu!」

This song is a coupling song from the first ever insert single CD from the TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, Kimeta yo Hand in Hand. The song is performed by Takami Chika (CV: Inami Anju), Sakurauchi Riko (CV: Aida Rikako) and Watanabe You (CV: Saitou Shuka) in episode 3 “#3 First Step”. Wasn’t it an unforgettable episode for those who watched it in real time?

Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou/ Aqours

Youtube「Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou」

The song that concludes the end of each episode as the ending theme of TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!”. When you listen to this song, it should remind you of Aqours standing on the seashore of Uchiura Bay in the beautiful sunset…

Mijuku DREAMER/ Aqours

Youtube「Mijuku DREAMER」

The coupling song of “Yume de Yozora o Terashitai”, which was used in episode 6 “Let’s Make A PV”. “Mijuku DREAMER” was the song that Aqours performed at the fireworks festival in episode 9 “#9 Mijuku DREAMER”. On Twitter, there were many tweets surprised at the 3rd Years’ costume change in the middle of the song.

Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!/ CYaRon!

Youtube「Genki Zenkai DAY! DAY! DAY!」

Mini unit single by “CYaRon!” with Takami Chika (CV: Inami Anju), Watanabe You (CV: Saitou Shuka) and Kurosawa Ruby (CV: Furihata Ai). The harmony of 3 cheerful voices and the pop rhythm is addictive!

Tokimeki Bunruigaku/ AZALEA

Youtube「Tokimeki Bunruigaku」

Performed by Matsuura Kanan (CV: Suwa Nanaka), Kurosawa Dia (CV: Komiya Arisa) and Kunikida Hanamaru (CV: Takatsuki Kanako), this is the coupling song of “AZELEA” from the mini unit single “Torikoriko PLEASE!!”. Many people became captivated by AZALEA’s sound by listening to this song.

Strawberry Trapper/ Guilty Kiss

Youtube「Strawberry Trapper」

“Guilty Kiss” mini unit single “Strawberry Trapper”. It is a rocking number by the Fallen Angel Yohane aka Tsushima Yoshiko (CV: Aika Kobayashi), Mari Ohara (CV: Aina Suzuki) who likes industrial metal, and the ordinary school girl Sakurauchi Riko (CV: Rikako Aida).

How was “The 9 Selected Songs From Love Live! Sunshine!! for the first time!”. Have you managed to find the favorite song? If you want to know more about Aqours music you better check it out and choose your own 9 songs!

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