“Love Live! Sunshine!!” TOP 9 songs of Aqours as voted by 250 fans!

The TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” is currently airing, but did you know that the franchise is soon about to cross the 50-songs mark in its entire discography? (As of October 19th, 2017)

This time, we implement this project to celebrate the launch of TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” 2nd season.

“Love Live! Sunshine!!” TOP 9 songs of Aqours as voted by 250 fans!

When I asked fans of “Love Live!” on Twitter for their favorite Aqours songs, I received more than 200 votes in one day!

“9 Selections” … Which songs will be ranked in? Let’s take a quick look at the results!

TOP 9 Aqours Songs As Chosen By “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Fans

Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou/ Aqours(12 votes)

Youtube「Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou」

TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Season 1 ED Theme Song “Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou”

Comments from everyone

  • I like the lyrics that lets me imagine Aqours chasing their dreams with a smile.
  • Because it makes me feel happy no matter when I listen.

The 1st season of “Love Live! Sunshine!!” is the story of the harsh reality of “Zero”, but also the story of overcoming it! It is one of the songs that is surely exciting when seen live♪

Aozora Jumping Heart(13 votes)

Youtube「Aozora Jumping Heart」

TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” 1st season OP Theme Song “Aozora Jumping Heart”.

Comments from everyone

  • This is the song that represents “Love Live! Sunshine!!”
  • A song in which all of Aqours was condensed!

The song begins with the lyrics “Mita Koto Nai Yume No Kido Oikakete! / Chasing the path of a dream I have not yet seen” and ends with “Minna To Nara Setsumei Wa Dekinaikedo Daijyobu Sa / If we’re together, we’ll be alright even though I can’t explain it.” As Takami Chika (CV: Inami Anju) says in the 1st episode of the 2nd season, she believes in miracles. Just like the impression one get from it, it is truly a song that symbolizes “Love Live! Sunshine!!”.



Aqours 3rd single “HAPPY PARTY TRAIN”.

Comments from everyone

  • The song has a dramatic feel that makes you want to go on a journey!
  • The harmony is overflowing with Aqours’s dynamic feeling.

A song with Matsuura Kanan (CV: Suwa Nanaka) as the center, it was adopted as the title of Aqours 2nd Live Tour. The Izu-Hakone Railway’s Sunzu Line is currently having a full wrapping train running as the “HAPPY PARTY TRAIN”.

Various areas appeared in the PV, which really unexpectedly stirs up one’s wanderlust!

Kimi No Kokoro Wa Kagayaiteru Kai?(16 votes)

Youtube「Kimi No Kokoro Wa Kagayaiteru Kai?」

“Love Live! Sunshine !!” the first single song “Kimi No Kokoro Wa Kagayaiteru Kai?”

Comments from everyone

  • Because it is the song Aqours began with.
  • Because the lyrics give me courage.
  • The PV and 1st live performances overlapped and it was touching.

Just as many of the comments stated, it is a song where their starting point is built upon and is also their peak.

It seems that the positive lyrics with a theme of “shine” gave courage to many fans, did they not?

Todokanai Hoshi Da To Shitemo(18 votes)

Youtube「Todokanai Hoshi Da To Shitemo」

The Coupling Song from Aqours 2nd Single “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM”

Comments from everyone

  • While feeling pressure from the “stars” known as μ’s, I was moved by how the troubled Aqours continued to reach out.
  • You cannot imagine how cheerful this song is despite the song title!

This song has the lyrics “Todokanaitte kimenaide (Star light, I hope you) Te wo nobase! Sore kara nayame! / Don’t decide it’s unreachable (Star light, I hope you) Reach out! Worry later!” Some fans have stated that “I think that it is an important phrase while watching the 2nd season.”

Thrilling・One Way(20 votes)

Youtube「Thrilling・One Way」

TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine !!” Blu-ray Vol.6 Special Edition Limited Edition Enclosure Bonus Aqours Original Song (6).

Comments from everyone

  • I was attracted by the first “Chika Shout”.
  • The passionate lyrics give me a great feeling!

Everyone knows that “Thrilling One Way” is a popular song, but it was still surprising that a Blu-Ray bonus song became No.4.

This song features very passionate lyrics. Please check it out if you can still manage to buy the special limited edition.

….Before we move onto No.3

This web site “TPG WEB” is a new form of column, report and information site about anime, manga and game . We will feature mainly on TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” and various information to animation fans globally.

We feature special contents from the real life locations of TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!”, Numazu City in Shizuoka Prefecture, so please look forward to it!

Alright, now let’s check from No.3 to No.1!

Mijuku DREAMER(21 votes)

The featured song of TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Season 1 Episode 9, “Mijuku DREAMER”.

Comments from everyone

  • I like the lyrics which expresses each members’ feelings straight without using metaphors.
  • When played at the “Numazu Summer Festival · Kano River Fireworks Festival” held in July 2017, it became a special song when it impressed upon me just how reality and the animation were linked.

It must have been an irreplaceable memory for the fans to watch Numazu’s beautiful night sky while listening to the song at the venue on the evening of “The 70th Numazu Summer Festival and Kano River Fireworks Festival”.

Also, it seems that many fans cried at episode 9 when the feelings of 3rd graders which had passed over each other’s heads for several years finally came to a conclusion.

Mattete Ai no Uta(22 votes)

The coupling song of Aqours 2nd Single “Koi ni Naritai AQUARIUM”.

Comments from everyone

  • I was captivated by how the solo parts exhibited each member’s different personalities!
  • Because it is a rare love song from Aqours!
  • Because it is a song about “longing” which is the driving force of Aqours.
  • I love lyrics that are positive despite the melancholy, that make me feel the elegance of adults despite their youthfulness.

I think that there are many fans who were surprised that a coupling song took the No. 2 position! Just as the reasons stated, many were captivated by the solo parts and the fact that it’s a love song.

Among the opinions we received, some commented “it’s a refreshing medium ballad fit perfectly for the sea of Numazu!” Feeling the wind while listening to the song at sunset in front of Yasudaya Inn (Chika’s Inn)… What a good idea! (lol)

Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare(27 votes)

The featured song of TV anime “Love Live! Sunshine!!” Season 1 Episode 11 “Yujou Yosoro”.

Do you know why?

Of the 21 votes, most of everyone said that

“I got energy and courage from that incident at 1st live! I was moved!”

Some people said, “When I was going through difficult times and felt like I was about to break, I listened to this song and remembered what happened at 1st Live with Aqours & Rikako Aida, and I was able to do my best!”.

Also, the lyrics “Nani ka o tsukamu koto de nani ka o akiramenai / Hold onto something, and don’t give up on it” resonated with many fans and moved them.

It seems that the incident at 1st Live touched the hearts of many fans.

“If you do not give up you can definitely do it”.

It is very moving that many fans got encouraged by such a wonderful message.

Did you find your favorite song?

[No.1] Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare (27 votes)

[No.2] Mattete Ai no Uta (22 votes)

[No.3] Mijuku DREAMER (21 votes)

[No.4] Thrilling・One Way (20 votes)

[No.5] Todokanai Hoshi Da To Shitemo (18 votes)

[No.6] Kimi No Kokoro Wa Kagayaiteru Kai? (16 votes)

[No.7] HAPPY PARTY TRAIN (15 votes)

[No.8] Aozora Jumping Heart (13 votes)

[No.9] Yume Kataru yori Yume Utaou/ Aqours (12 votes)

So how was “Love Live! Sunshine!!” TOP 9 songs of Aqours voted by 250 fans?

I felt it was wonderful that each person’s way of thinking and feeling was different and that we could find such a variety of charms even with the same song.

Unfortunately, even though we received many opinions on the great parts of many songs, we could only fit that many within the nine selections this time.

Please do not hesitate to talk about songs you like!

Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who cooperated in this survey. Thank you very much!!

9 Songs From Love Live! Sunshine!!
Selected By TOKYO POP GUIDE Editorial Department!

9 Songs From Love Live! Sunshine!! Selected By TOKYO POP GUIDE Editorial Department! is also posted as below.


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