“Blend S” collaboration cafe will be held at Tokyo · nicocafe!

From November 14, the collaboration cafe of nicocafe and TV animation “Blend S” currently on air will be OPEN at nicocafe in Tokyo Ikebukuro. The collaboration Drinks that imaged characters and “Sadistic parfait” that appeared in anime will be reproduced with the sadistic taste!!

For more details of collaboration cafe, please see below.

Blend S collaboration information


  • Food menu

All the menus are named with Sadistic!!

  • Drink menu


  • Coaster
    Every time you order a collaboration drink, you get 1 piece randomly!

  • Place mat
    1 Collaboration Food or Collaboration Dessert for 1 item Randomly gifts for each order!

Blend S / nicocafe information

Blend S

“Blend S” is a work that depicts how Sakuranomiya Maika works as a waitress at such bizarre cafe “Stile”. “Stile” is not an ordinary coffee shop but a coffee shop where there are clerks with various attributes called “attribute cafe” …

Official Site: http://blend-s.jp/
nicocafe: http://nicohonsha.jp/nicocafe/collabocafe_171114


Of course not only for food and drink, Wi-Fi set in all seats and AC power supply is fully equipped. In addition, it is a new type of cafe that integrates Online and the real life, equipped with a live broadcast bar that introduces “from over there customer system” which can be inserted into customers who are in nicocafe online from “Nico Nico Live”.