6 Steps at “Ramen Jiro” which appeared in “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san”!

Finally, the TV anime “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san” has started broadcasting!

In the 1st episode “Yasaimashi ninniku karame”, both famous ramen shops in Japan “Ramen Jiro” and “Tenkaippin” appeared as models.

I think that there are many people who wanted to go to “Ramen Jiro” and “Tenkaippin” by watching this Meshi Tero Anime!!

In this article, I would like to introduce the real Ramen places as travel knowledge to people who have never been there before!

“Ramen Jiro” that appeared in “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san”

About Ramen Jiro


“Ramen Jiro” is a famous Ramen franchise with its head office in Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The reasons why “Ramen Jiro” is loved by many people is price and quantity!

In some shops “Because shooting in the shop is prohibited, I can not post pictures but that size that appeared in anime was just right.

When Koizumi san been asked about garlic, she said “Yasaimashi ninniku karame” like it’s kind of mysterious spell or something but there are proper rules.

“Ramen Jiro” for the first time.

※ The rules might be depending on the store.

Let’s introduce a rough example from eating ramen and leaving after visiting “Ramen Jiro”.

(1) Wait!

You have to wait for more than 30 minutes to enter especially at lunch & dinner time. The shop may ask you “amount of ramen” in waiting time.

In “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san” episode 1, Koizumi san and her friend were eating, perhaps estimating from the price “small ramen double pork”. “Ramen Jiro” ‘s small ramen is about twice the “normal” size at other shops. So, do not try to compete with them, it is safe to order ‘small ramen’ first.

(2) Buy the ticket

“Ramen Jiro” is a food ticket system. You need to buy a ticket from the vending machine.

(3) Take a seat

You can take a seat and place your food ticket on the counter. At this time, you will tell them hard or soft and amount of Ramen. Do not mention “Yasaimashi ninniku karame” (topping) yet!

In addition, “water” is self-service so do not forget to pour water into the cup before sitting in your seat.

(4) Would you like to add garlic?

When the noodles prepared, they ask you “Would you like garlic?”
At this timing you will tell them your wish of topping.
For details on topping, please see the next section.

(5) Let’s eat your Ramen quickly

“Ramen Jiro” try to serve 4 to 5 Ramen at once in order to serve more customers.

Koizumi san also said, “In that shop, I try to increase the speed of eating so they do not to make the rotation worse, right?”
The more you explain it in detail, the harder it will be to understand, so it means “Let’s concentrate on eating without making a wasteful talk”.

Also some people say don’t leave the soup but there is not such a thing.

(6) Do not forget to move your bowl before you leave

When you finish eating, let ‘s move the bowl, saucer and cup to the counter, and wipe the table with the tableware before you leave the shop. It’s just a small manner in Japan.

How can “topping” to be done?


In Ramen Jiro, you can add some toppings for free. As a they ask “Would you like to add garlic?” Or “How would you like topping?”, So let’s tell them at this point.

The type of topping,

· Yasai – “Vegetables” Add Cabbage and Moyashi.
· Garlic – Add “Minced Garlic”.
· Karame – It means “Hot”.
· Abra – “Fat” backfill is added.

Let’s say in terms of quantity as “Non, Less, Normal, Mashi (Increase), Mashimashi (Double Increase), Chomolangma”.

“Yasai Mashi Ninniku Abura” Koizumi says with TV animation, that is, “add more vegetables, add garlic and backfat.”

For beginners, it is recommended to answer “normal”. Let’s ask people who do not dislike garlic as “without garlic, normal.”

Why Ramen Jiro is so popular?


(1) Addictive

“Ramen Jiro” is a high-threshold image, but still many customers love it.

(2) Resonable!

Ramen Jiro is “surprising volume”, but even more surprising is its “Price” since 1968.

I just want you to go “Ramen Jiro” once!

Ramen Jiro, the famous store that has been loved by many people. You should visit once!

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The shop appeared in episode 1 of TV anime “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san”

Ramen Jiro (Mita main store)

※Sunday off

Tenkaippin (Koenji)


TV Anime “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san”

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