“Yuru Camp” Collaboration “Bonfire Grill” will be sold!

From the TV anime “Yuru Camp” broadcasting now, the release of “Bonfire Grill” used by the main character “Shima Rin” is decided. When you make small wood fire, “a spacial picture” will appears on the side plate. It will be sold from February 8th!

“Yuru Camp” Collaboration “Bonfire Grill”

Bonfire Grill “B-6” is so popular for Solo Camp

“Bonfire Grill B-6” which will be on sale from February 8th (Thursday) is named “B-6” because it becomes B6 size when folded.

On this “Bonfire Grill”, a picture of Shima Rin and Mt. Fuji are drawn on the back plate, and it appears when it’s on fire.

You can enjoy BBQ in the open air by setting up the attached B-6 exclusive grill plate. In addition, the original “Yuru Camp” campus bag which “B-6” will be perfectly fit is included.

Let’s enjoy Bonfire and YAKINIKU at the camp with “Rin’s Yakiniku Set”.

When folded the thickness is 18mm and weight is only 500g.

Original “Yuru Camp” campus bag

Here’s the side plate

The price is 10,000 yen in this luxury set

“B-6” is made by the metal sheet company “Showa Press” with the pride of establishment of 49 years.

“B-6” is manufactured at the 49 years of establishment metal sheet company “Showa Press” as it’s original brand.

Product Details

Product name: B-6 SHO’S “RIN’s YAKINIKU set”
Selling price: 10,152 yen (tax included)

  1. Compact Firing Grill B-6
    – Storage size: about 181 mm × 122 mm × 18 mm
    – Assembly size: about 215 mm × 122 mm × 165 mm
    – Weight: Approximately 500 g
    – Material: 0.6 mm thick stainless steel rivet
    – Static load capacity: 10 kg * Depth of fire floor: approx. 7 cm
  2. Tsundere Rin chan & Mt. Fuji ver.B-6 exclusive back plate (0.6 mm thick stainless, 58 g)
  3. B-6 exclusive grill plate (seasoning required) (2.3 mm thick black iron sheet, 460 g)
  4. Yuru Camp campus bag (body: side 20 cm × length 22 cm / possession: width 1.5 cm × length 26 cm)

Release date: February 8, 2018 (150 pieces)
– Start of early reservation of 50 units from Thursday, January 25 (arrival on February 8)
– 100 units will be sold on February 8 (Thursday) at SHO’S ONLINE SHOP

Slow Curve http://www.slowcurve.co.jp/
Showa Press http://www.showapress.jp

Anime “Yuru Camp” Outline

Everyday Girls Story…The time they spend is extraordinary, which seems to be quite reachable.