GIRLS’ LAST TOUR: Gently falling into your heart like snow

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (GIRLS’ LAST TOUR), a sci-fi, slice of life, adventure anime with 12 episodes. Adapted from the web manga of the same name by Tsukumizu, it aired from October to December in 2017. Set in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by war, the story follows the two main characters, Chito and Yuuri on their journey together.

Just by looking at the art style and setting, you might expect it to be similar to Made in the Abyss, but this one leaves you with a fluffy, soft feeling after watching. Although the girls are cute and the art style is also cute, the storytelling is solemn, often bringing question into serious topics like war and its effects. It is not all quiet and somber however, the show is peppered with just the right amount of comedy which makes it a perfect mix of fun and thoughtfulness.

The two main characters, Chito and Yuuri are contrasting to each other, Chito is serious, the one who thinks a lot and keeps Yuuri in line. Meanwhile, Yuuri is more carefree, always hungry and the brawn of the duo.



As the show goes on, we see more about the relationship between the two and how they complement each other in this dying world. Their bickering and banters are fun to watch and brings a smile to the face even in the post-apocalyptic world where they are struggling to get enough food which comes in the form of rations.

The world is set in a unique landscape, beautifully brought out in the anime with some pretty unique cinematography, not so often seen in anime. It resembles our world in certain ways but is also distinctive. Backgrounds feature greatly in this show and are all done with purpose as part of the storytelling. This is often paired with the aptly used sound effects and music score to a very lasting effect.

The soundtrack is fantastic, lighthearted, but also has a sort of august to it. You are brought into their world with the detailed backgrounds and camerawork paired with the precise sound effects which really leaves an impression that stays with you after you’ve watched it. Filled with lots of industrial sounds, the sounds of nature become very welcome and as Chito and Yuuri savour it, the audience is also reminded to learn to enjoy the small things in life that we may have missed, such as the sound of rain hitting things. This was used in one of the episodes and turned into a piece of music which was very interesting and unforgettable.

The pace is slow in a good way where time seems to flow slower and you can relax as you watch. A truly relaxing and calm show even in its more intense parts. The parts where they used 3D mixed well with the 2D and isn’t distracting like how some anime can be. The music blends in and works with the story in an incredibly harmonious way which you would really have to watch to feel for yourself.

All in all, this show is peaceful in whatever sense of the word you can get from a post-apocalyptic world caused by war, but also contemplative. Doesn’t burden you with too much drama, but gives you just enough ups and downs to not make it boring and flat. A perfect show to watch while it’s raining or cloudy on a slow day with a cup of your favorite drink. Or as something to watch to unwind from a tiring day of work or school.

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