Tears and Smiles on a Snowy Valentine’s: Kimi to Boku to Sekai no Hotori Vol.2

The second instalment of the Kimi to Boku to Sekai no Hotori BL drama CD series covers another love story unfolding in the snowy town of Rokka, this time centering around a high school student from Rokka High and the new pâtissier in town.

Phrase 2: Mayoi Koi Valentine (“A Valentine’s Day With Uncertain Love”)

This episode covers the buildup of the relationship between local high-schooler Sousuke Sena and pâtissier Yukito Mikura. Sousuke is a capable student, if a bit lethargic, and is sometimes found taking photographs around the town with a camera handed down to him from his uncle. It was during one such photography trip on the beaches of Rokka one summer that he met Yukito, who was taking a walk in the area. Sousuke initially found himself looking lackluster next to Yukito, who was a skilled pastry chef working in Tokyo before he recently moved back to his hometown.

The two got along well, however, as they continued to run into each other on the beach throughout the year. Then one day in the winter, Sousuke happened upon Yukito distraught and in tears on that lonely stretch of the shore, distressed by a phone call—one which seems to have something to do with the messy breakup with his ex-lover, which drove him away from Tokyo. The rest of the story follows Sousuke’s attempts at healing the wounds of the usually carefree pâtissier who he had fallen for.

Seiyuu Info

Sousuke Sena: Kentarou Kumagai (Theo Cornaro/Record of Grancrest War, Yuma Gojou/Hinomaru Sumo)

Yukito Mikura: Ayumu Murase (Shoyo Hinata/Haikyuu!!, Allen Walker/D.Gray-man Hallow)

Series Info

Kimi to Boku to Sekai no Hotori (“You and Me at the Edge of the World”) is a series of BL short stories all set in the fictional town of Rokka, a quaint, snowy place located in Hokkaido, on the northernmost reach of Japan. Billed as “a series for those who wish to cheer for and watch over dreaming lovers from the sidelines”, KimiTori offers a close-up look into the love lives of a different pair of lead characters with each instalment (styled as “Phrases”), set against special events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and high school graduation. Each Phrase covers the progression of these leads’ relationships—the ups, the downs, and of course, the spicier moments.

The series touts a few highlights that set it apart from other BL series, the most noticeable of which is the inclusion of full-scale opening and ending theme songs unique and thematic to each Phrase, sung by the leading duo of that volume. They make an appearance in the drama CD’s course itself, and are also available as standalone tracks bundled with the story CD. The other highlight concerns the aforementioned “spicier moments”: the series boasts a full recording of the featured pair’s “first time” with each other, doing away with the fade-out cropping that most other BL titles utilize to preserve the scene’s full effect. Additionally, a clever use of cameos also introduce the stars from the other volumes as side characters in each story, giving a clear connection between all the separate titles as different stories set in the same universe.

Track Information

CD 1: Story

1. 夏のいたずらな瞳、冬の冷たい頬 (Natsu no itazura na hitomi, fuyu no tsumetai hoho, “Your mischievous eyes in the summer, and cold cheek in the winter”)

2. 本気のキスは、甘くて苦い (Honki no kisu wa, amakute nigai, “A real kiss is both sweet and bitter”)

3. ひりつく傷痕と揺れる指先 (Hiritsuku kizuato to yureru yubisaki, “Scars that still hurt, faltering fingertips”)

4. 焦燥、疾走、その先は (Shousou, shissou, sono saki wa, “What waits at the end of an impatient rush”)

5. とけて、とろけて、味わって (Tokete, torokete, ajiwatte, “Let it melt, and savour it”)

6. 新しい恋のアソート (Atarashii koi no asooto, “A new assortment of love”)

CD2: OP/ED Songs

1. Hazy Kiss

2. Next, Trend Heart

3. Hazy Kiss (Instrumental)

4. Next, Trend Heart (Instrumental)

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