Violet Evergarden : the Movie The 2nd announcement released!

The TV anime of Violet Evergarden has started in 2018, released around the world on Netflix, and grabbed attention from the whole world. The 2nd special announcement for the movie Violet Evergarden, which will be starting from Friday, Apr. 24, 2020, has been released.

The 2nd Special Announcement for Violet Evergarden : the Movie

The song in the special movie is “WILL” by TRUE.

It will be on sale from Wednesday, Apr. 22. Please check out further information on the official website.

Also, this video will be serially shown the movie theaters around Japan. Please check out the official website for the target theaters.

The List of the Movie Theaters
Additional Movie Theaters

Furthermore, the movie ticket with B2 poster with the special design “Morning” by Takase Akiko, who directed the character designs for Violet Evergarden will be sold from Friday, Feb. 14.

The Advanced Ticket Information

Last, the jacket illustrations for Blu-ray and DVD for “—” have also been released. Please check this out on the official website.

The Rebroadcast has been decided

From Apr. 2020, the rebroadcast of the TV series Violet Evergarden has been decided on ABC TV, TOKYO MX, and BS11. Please check this out if you have not seen the series before.

Violet Evergarden : the Movie


Once upon a time, in an unknown land—the Great War finally came to an end after long years of conflict, and the world slowly began to flourish again.

Violet Evergarden, a young girl raised as a soldier, was left with nothing but a few words from the person she had held most dearly, but with no understanding of their meaning. Leaving the military after the war, she arrived in a huge port town, which was full of spirit.

The town was full of life, and trams criss-crossed the streets lined with gas lights. It was in this town that Violet began a new life as an “Auto Memory Doll”, whose job was to transcribe people’s thoughts into words on paper.

In this line of work, she came across many opportunities to see a glimpse of the deepest, most honest feelings hidden inside her clients’ hearts. And then, with every letter she helped write, Violet drew closer and closer to the meaning behind the words that she heard on that fateful day…


Violet Evergarden: Yui Ishikawa
Claudia Hodgins: Takehito Koyasu
Gilbert Bougainvillea: Daisuke Namikawa
Cattleya Baudelaire: Aya Endō
Benedict Blue: Koki Uchiyama
Erica Brown: Minori Chihara
Iris Cannary: Haruka Tomatsu


Original Novel: Violet Evergarden by Kana Akatsuki (KA Esuma Bunko / Kyoto Animation)
Director: Taichi Ishidate
Series Composition: Reiko Yoshida
Character Design: Akiko Takase
Storyboard: Haruka Fujita
World Setting: Takaaki Suzuki
Art Director: Mikiko Watanabe
Color Design: Yuka Yoneda
Director of Photography: Kōhei Funamoto
3D Director: Rin Yamamoto
Props Design: Hiroyuki Takahashi, Minoru Ota
Editing: Kengo Shigemura
Sound Director: Yōta Tsuruoka
Music producer: Shigeru Saito
Music: Evan Call
Music Production: Lantis
Opening theme song: Sincerely by TRUE
Ending theme song: Michishirube by Minori Chihara
Animation Production: Kyoto Animation
Production: Violet Evergarden Production Committee

Official Website:

©Kana Akatsuki, Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden production committee