“Demon Slayer the Movie Infinity Train” will premiere on Oct. 16

The premiere date for “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Infinity Train”, which is based on the manga by Gotouge Koyoharu and is currently serialized on “Weekly Shounen Jump”(Shueisha), is decided to be on Oct. 16, 2020 (Friday) in Japan. The key visual of the movie and the first trailer had been released!

“Demon Slayer the Movie: Infinity Train” PV

The final episode, “New Mission” of the TV series, broadcasted at the end of Sep. 2019, marked the end of “Functional Recovery Training Arc” and it ended on the next scene when the protagonist, Kamado Tanjirou and his companions enter the “Mugen Train”, the setting for the movie. The story of this movie is connected to the last episode of the anime.

The new mission is to investigate the “Infinity Train”

Tanjirou and the others had received a new mission, which is to investigate the “Mugen Train” together with the fire pillar, Rengoku Kyojuro as more than 40 people had disappeared in a short timeframe. It is a case filled with mystery as the swordsman colleagues that were sent ahead had all disappeared. In the trailer, the scene begins with an eerie presence within the darkness of the Mugen train. “Nen Nen Kororin, Konkororin…” The one who sang that mysterious nursery rhythm is the greatest foe in the movie, the “demon” Enmu (Lower Moon One).

He leaves a profound remark saying, “You won’t be able to wake up anymore.” The one standing in front of Tanjirou and the others is Lower Moon One who possessed a special ability. Will they be able to slay the demon and rescue all the missing people safely?

The appearance of the “demon” Enmu (Lower Moon One) since the last episode of the TV series

And the meaning behind the words, “I need to thrust… in order to wake up” left by Tanjirou is…? It filled with various new scenes that you can’t miss out such as the appearance of the “demon” Enmu (Lower Moon One) since the last episode of the TV Anime, the usual funny scene, and the appearance of Tanjirou with his family that holds a deep meaning. The animation studio will be the same as the TV anime which is ufotable.

The key visual says “Defeat the nightmare with the sword”

The key visual of the movie, which was released at the same time, it depicts the main characters such as the protagonist Kamado Tanjirou, his sister Kamado Nezuko, Agatsuma Zenitsu, Hashibira Inosuke and it is totally different from the revealed teaser. It also depicts the leader of the mission and one of the strongest swordsman, “Pillar”, Rengoku Kyojuro and the “demon” Enmu (Lower Moon One).

Moreover, the casts will remain the same as the TV Anime, and the unique character will be handled by Hanae Natsuki, Kidou Akari, Shimono Hiro, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, and Hirakawa Daisuke will continue his role as the “demon” Enmu (Lower Moon One) from the TV Anime.

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Infinity Train”


Tanjiro Kamado Tanjiro Kamado
Nezuko Kamado Akari Kitō
Zenitsu Agatsuma Hiro Shimono
Inosuke Hashibira Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Kyōjurō Rengoku Satoshi Hino

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